January 15, 2021

The Power Of Integration: Supercharge Invoice Management With Inventory Control with Ottimate And COGS-Well

by Julia

An excellent way to gain even more value from your Ottimate system is to add an inventory  control system. An inventory control system that is designed to integrate with Ottimate can utilize  the inventory item detail that Ottimate captures to provide you with features for added control,  new insights, and increased time-savings.  

Features for counting inventory, ordering, transfers, recipe costing, and menu modeling are in a  good inventory control system. The system will determine your item usage and calculate your  true cost of goods sold. With the addition of a point of sale interface, the system will determine  your theoretical cost of sales, theoretical inventory usage, and provide menu item analysis.  

COGS-Well is a Ottimate valued partner who provides software for restaurant inventory control,  menu management, and daily financial reporting. COGS-Well is architected to take advantage of  the item detail data that Ottimate captures from your invoices. COGS-Well is deeply integrated  with Ottimate via the Ottimate APIs.  

We decided to build an inventory system that leverages Ottimate data  

because the combination of our products enables us to offer an inventory  management system to restaurant operators that is much faster to install  and much easier to maintain. Bill Lindsey, Co-Founder, COGS-Well.  

Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive Initial Setup: 

Due to the deep integration between COGS-Well and Ottimate, COGS-Well can automatically  import your Ottimate item database for a fast, easy, and inexpensive initial setup. Other inventory  systems can take months to install and often have expensive installation fees. In a matter of  days, however, you can be counting inventory and costing out recipes with COGS-Well. 

“COGS-Well takes advantage of the digital invoice detail that we receive and  store in Ottimate. If COGS-Well’s mission is to make restaurant inventory control  much faster and easier to implement, then it is a mission accomplished for  COGS-Well”. Gerald Tipton, President, Lulu Buffet’s Lulu’s. 

COGS-Well has great ideas about how to reduce the setup time for an inventory  system. Because we had Ottimate already, we were installed and taking inventory less than two  weeks after we selected COGS-Well”. Noah Kopito, Director of Kitchen Operations, Mamahuhu. 

Easy Ongoing Use of COGS-Well?  

COGS-Well continually imports your Ottimate invoices, along with the item detail. This eliminates the need for manual invoice entry. COGS-Well will also capture and alert you about any new or  substitute inventory items. Any vendor packaging changes are handled automatically. These  features make COGS-Well significantly easier to maintain than many other inventory systems. 


“It all starts with Ottimate because digitizing invoice data saves time and  

substantially lowers the error rate. COGS-Well leverages the Ottimate inventory  data and allows us to use it to increase our controls and to make better 

informed decisions”. Will Strong, Senior Advisor, Andiamo! and 68 Degrees  Kitchen.  

“I used to have to maintain spreadsheets for all of our inventory items manually. Every  month, before taking inventory, I had to search through paper invoices to update these  spreadsheets before we could take ending inventory counts. With Ottimate and COGS-Well, it is  now all automated”. Nisha Manitkala, Manager of Verspertines and Destroyer restaurants.  

What Products Does COGS-Well Offer? 

COGS-Well provides comprehensive inventory control, menu management, and POS financial  reporting. There are three product options: COGS, COGS+, and POS+. Below is a product and  feature overview: 

*Interfaces to Ottimate, POS systems, and Accounting systems. 

“COGS-Well is definitely faster to install and easier to maintain than our old  system. Combined with Ottimate, it works great”. Samuel Stanczack, LuLu’s  Corporate Inventory, and Prep Manager. 

“COGS-Well makes inventory SO much easier. The folks there are thinking about  the problem from the restaurant owner’s point of view rather than just as a  process problem. That way of thinking translates through to a big return on  investment for us.” Will Strong, Senior Advisor, Andiamo! and 68 Degrees Kitchen. 


COGS-Well Customers: 

COGS-Well’s products are suited for quick-service, fast-casual, and full-service restaurant  operators. Their products also work well for both independent and chain restaurant companies. Almost all of COGS-Well’s customers use Ottimate. Below is a partial list of COGS-Well customers:




The support COGS-Well has provided me has been excellent. The entire team is  very dedicated to our success”. Noah Kopito, Director of Operations,  


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