AP Automation for Manufacturing

All manufacturing companies have to do Accounts Payable (AP), but no single AP process is the same. Ottimate’s AP Automation solution for manufacturing adapts to your team’s unique dynamics — and works overtime so you don’t have to! 

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AP Automation Software Benefits for Manufacturing

Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

Automate invoice digitization & GL-coding when Ottimate’s powerful AI masters your workflows & processes.

Payment Automation


Pay how you want to effortlessly. Schedule payments via check, ACH, or vCard in one ecosystem.

Custom Approvals

Custom Approvals

Every time, from clients to clerks to CPAs, route invoices to the right person based on custom user roles.

Document Integration

Document Storage

Audits are easier than ever when every invoice is searchable and safe in your new digital filing cabinet.

Remote & Mobile Ready

Remote & Mobile Ready

Handle the entire AP process, from invoice upload to payment, from any location on any device.

Reseller Partnerships

ERP Integration

Rest easy knowing everything is synced back to your preferred ERP or accounting software.



Generate new revenue by utilizing faster, more secure electronic payments that earn you cash back!

Better AP Day-to-Day

AI & Machine Learning

Ottimate’s powerful AI accurately captures data from your invoices in real-time and automates the process.

Ottimate Integrates With Your ERP & Accounting Platform

Our system talks to your ERP or accounting systems. With deep API integration capabilities, detailed mapping, and source documentation links, you can keep up-to-date on everything!

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ERPs Integrations

Seamless API Integrations

Automate Accounts Payable With Prominent Manufacturing ERPs

  • Save time and centralize your AP processes, while trusting that your invoice and payment data is syncing to your ERP.
  • Customize rules to split line items across departments and route invoices to the right people.
  • Experience AP software that just doesn’t talk to your ERP, but listens to it and connects in both directions.

Accounts Payable Solutions Customized for Manufacturing

Ottimate’s End-to-End AP Solutions ensure your invoice and payment processes are managed in one integrated environment, rather than in various regions and between on-site plants and your headquarters.

Automate Manufacturing Accounts Payable From Invoice to Payment

  • Digitize and streamline accounts payable with the only End-to-End AP tool that has unmatched approval policies and unlimited customizations.
  • Automatically capture invoice header data and line-by-line details like product names, costs, and quantities.
  • Leverage advanced AI that learns your AP process and automatically codes to your GL.
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End-to-End Invoice Automation

Ottimate automatically tags each line item with the proper GL code, helping you review and approve invoices 80% faster. Pay invoices for everything from the composite materials used to form a product to the coffee for your breakroom.

manufacturing invoice for coffee being digitized by plate iq
manufacturing invoice for coffee being routed for approval by plate iq
manufacturing invoice for coffee being exported by plate iq

Stop Worrying About Paying Your Suppliers & Vendors

  • Auto-pay recurring expenses like utility bills and rental fees while trusting you won’t miss a due date.
  • Pay suppliers at the speed of light, choosing from payment types that include checks, vCards, and ACH.
  • Experience Zero-Touch AP and say goodbye to manual payment processes today.

WHG Companies Created New Accounts Payable Efficiencies for 60+ Locations

Ottimate Customer Story

“Everything was super manual. We got the invoices, put them into our Sage 50 program. And then print checks, fold checks, mail checks… It was a pretty labor-intensive process.

[Ottimate] has freed up a lot of time with the team who was actually doing the processing, now they can take on more work and do other things. Our time is being freed up by not having to do so many things manually. Now, I get a lot of good feedback from the managers, that Ottimate is just amazing, because now they don’t ever have to go to the post office to drop off their bills each week.”

Sarah Zuehlke

Senior Staff Accountant

Discover how AP Automation for Manufacturing sets you up for success!

More From Ottimate’s Customers

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Ottimate makes paying invoices a breeze!

The amount of time that I save in the office doing invoices. I used to hand-code everything and write everything down in a ledger. Now, I just upload the invoice as a PDF and email to [Ottimate]. In less than 24 hrs I see the invoice and code it to the right GL and they take care of the rest!

Scott C, verified user by G2

Invoices at your fingertips & no more filing!

Ottimate allows us to process invoices quickly and stores them in downloadable forms. This eliminates the time and hassle of keeping, manually coding, and filing invoices. It also tracks activity on each invoice, so there is a high level of accountability. Ottimate is helping us to manage and store files and track spending. The Vendor Pay features are fantastic for tracking payments in real-time.

Vicki H, verified user by G2

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