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A Full Suite of Services for Your Hotel

Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

Digitize invoices automatically with industry-leading AI machine learning.

Payment Automation


Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Ottimate vCard and earn cash back.


The Ottimate Card

Replace paper checks with virtual cards for faster, safer payments.

Document Storage

Document Storage

Every invoice is searchable and secure in your new digital filing cabinet.

Invoice Software for Hotels

AP Automation Customized To Your Hotel

Upload paper and electronic invoices in bulk. Or eliminate 90% of invoices with Vendor Connections, a Ottimate feature that obtains the equivalent of EDI invoices from your vendors even if they don’t offer it.

Invoice automation designed for hotels

Ottimate supports a multi-property chart of accounts, automatically applying the right GL codes to every invoice based on which property and department it belongs to.

Allocate your spend any way you like

Split any item between departments, properties, or corporate-level designations to prepare your invoices for seamless export to your accounting software.

Route every invoice to the right people

With Ottimate, any piece of data that appears on an invoice can be made into an Advanced Approval routing rule: vendor, date, amount, line items, you name it.

Store everything in your digital filing cabinet

Ottimate stores a digital scan of each invoice alongside a full audit trail of approvals, payments, and exports. Instead of digging through boxes to look up payment status, all of your documentation is just a search away.

Invoice entry

Hear from Golder Hospitality

I love that every property has its own email address. After the invoices are automatically coded, the GM goes in and says, “Yep, this all looks good.” It’s so easy: it’s just one, two, three — done. If we need to make any changes, it’s just so user-friendly to go in and reassign an item’s GL code.

Shelby Tufenk


With Ottimate, the GMs know that they can click on the invoice and see that it was paid. They can actually hover over the page to see the check number, click on the check number, and get a copy of the check. It’s incredible how much time that user-friendliness alone has saved me.

Kirsten Haley

AP Manager


Pay bills at the speed of light

  • Schedule any invoice payment
  • No more mailing checks or late payments
  • Auto-Pay recurring expenses like utilities and rental fees
  • Earn cash back on vendor payments
Expense Management

Expense Management

Issue and control your own expense cards

Ottimate Spend Management lets you issue virtual and physical debit cards to employees, departments, and properties in a single click. No credit approval or underwriting necessary.

Replace petty cash and reimbursements with pre-approved expense cards you can use for:

  • Recurring and one-off business expenses
  • Mileage reimbursement and fuel costs
  • Subscriptions, licenses, and utilities
  • Corporate and property-level expenses
  • Travel & Entertainment
Virtual Card

AP Automation That Serves Everyone In Your Organization


  • Set up automation that supports your organization’s approval workflow
  • Compare costs across properties and enforce contract pricing
  • Scale AP processing efficiently as your properties under management grow


  • Spend less time on upload, approval, export, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Automate accurate GL coding no matter how complex your organization
  • Set up AP processing for new properties with ease


  • Eliminate 90% of paper & PDF invoices with Ottimate Vendor Connections
  • Upload invoices in bulk using your phone, scanner, PDF uploads, and email
  • Check invoices and payment & approval statuses in real time, all the time

Designed To Work With Your Hotel Tech Stack

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Seamlessly connect your AP data with the technology you’re already using.

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