Advanced Workflows & Approval Policies

Create automated workflows to route invoices and payments through custom approval policies.

AP Automation Benefits

Payment Automation

Optimize Processes

Leverage workflows to identify any bottlenecks or areas where approvals are being held up.

Custom Approvals

Separate Approvals

Set up separate approval policies for invoices & payments in VendorPay. Policies can be set up based on vendor, amounts, or number of people.

Document Storage

Cash Flow Management

Align your payments strategy with your financial policies to help your company’s finances become more transparent and precise.

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Stronger Security Measures

Workflow policies act as a stringent control measure against fraud or errors.

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Strengthen Vendor Relationships

Create stronger relationships with vendors by approving invoices on time and getting payments out by due dates.

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Create Accuracy

Create accuracy on your invoices and payments by choosing the correct individual for approval.

Ottimate Integrates with Leading ERPs & Accounting Platforms

Seamlessly connect your Accounts Payable data with your preferred ERP and Accounting solutions.

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Seamless API Integrations

  • Export invoices and payment data directly to your preferred ERP through API integration.
  • Save time by letting Ottimate capture and code invoices automatically — no manual entry needed!
  • Create custom rules to split line items across departments and route invoices to the right people for approval.
ERPs Integrations

Accounts Payable Solutions Customized for Your Needs

Ottimate’s End-to-End AP Solutions ensure your invoice and payment workflows are more efficient than ever — so you can focus on creating great experiences for your clients and customers.

Automate Your Entire AP Workflow, from Invoice to Payment

  • Save time and cut costs by automating accounts payable with the only End-to-End AP solution that offers unlimited customizations, advanced approvals, and enhanced dimensions.
  • Automatically capture and code invoices with ease, including header data and line item detail.
  • Harness the power of AI and machine learning as Ottimate tailors itself to your unique processes — meaning less work for you & your team.

End-to-End Invoice Automation

Ottimate automatically tags each line item with the proper GL code, helping you review and approve invoices 80% faster.

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Make Payments a Breeze with VendorPay

  • Pay any invoice and reconcile payments how you want, when you want — all from your Ottimate dashboard.
  • Set up custom approval flows that match your business’s needs, so the right payment requests route to the right people.
  • Boost cash flow by taking control of the payments process and capitalizing on early payment discounts — while also earning cashback on vCard payments.
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Boost Accuracy & Speed with PO Matching

  • Manage the entire purchase order process with ease, from creating a purchase requisition to matching POs — all in a single platform.
  • Leverage Ottimate’s 3-way matching technology to automatically link invoices to their corresponding PO and receipt.
  • Seamlessly sync to your ERP or other accounting systems with the flexibility to import existing POs directly into Ottimate.

How The Club at Ravenna Streamlines Invoices and Payments with AP Automation

Club at Ravenna Ottimate customer story graphic

“Managers can approve invoices from their phones, wherever they are, and have vendors send bills directly to the platform. So it’s been a lot more efficient. I spend so much less time doing AP processing because of the transition to Ottimate.”

Stephanie Liby

Accounting Manager

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more time saved with Ottimate

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invoices processed each month

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See how AP Automation can Transform Your Operations

Hear from Ottimate’s Customers

Person with a computer and calculator managing cash and spend

[Ottimate] is a great application that will assist in organizing your accounts payable and streamline the payment process. If you are looking to open up your available time to be productive in other areas of your business, then I would definitely suggest looking to Ottimate.

Ottimate Retail User, verified by G2

I am totally happy with Ottimate for AP and VendorPay!

The bill pay feature is awesome. It has saved me time and money.

The scanning of invoices vs. manually inputting them into QuickBooks is a huge benefit.

Ottimate Retail User, verified by G2

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