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Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Ottimate’s Mobile App lets you tackle your AP tasks from wherever you are.

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Take Your AP Anywhere with the Ottimate Mobile App

Remote & Mobile Ready

AP On the Go

Capture documents, review and approve invoices, receive real-time notifications, and monitor your accounts payable lifecycle — all from your mobile device.

Custom Approvals

Approvals from Anywhere

Approve invoices and payments from wherever you are with the click of a button, so you can ensure smooth workflows with zero bottlenecks in your AP process.

Bookkeeper Partnerships

Expense Management

Easily approve and view expenses, upload receipts, review transaction details, add notes, and track employee spend on the go.

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Better Communication

Check notifications from teammates and vendors directly in the mobile app, making it easier than ever to stay organized when you’re away from the office.

Invoice Automation

Reporting at Your Fingertips

Get real-time insights to analyze your spending habits, access granular cost data, track payments, and so much more — directly from your device.

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Improved Security

Manage everything in the Ottimate app without relying on email or chat channels, ensuring all updates are visible and your data is secure.

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How Does Ottimate Work?

Watch our two-minute explainer video to discover how the Ottimate AP automation AI streamlines the invoice-to-payment lifecycle!

Works Seamlessly With Your Accounting Platform of Choice

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Access real-time AP data to track and analyze expenditures in a few clicks

[Ottimate] is a great application that will assist in organizing your accounts payable & streamline the payment process. If you are looking to open up your available time to be productive in other areas of your business, then I would definitely suggest looking to Ottimate.

David H.

G2 Verified, Mid-Market User

As a company that manages a dozen restaurants and dozens of vendors, we process hundreds of invoices every day for different locations. Ottimate allows us to keep track of all our invoices and sync with our accounting software automatically.

Roy C.

G2 Verified, Enterprise User

Ottimate is a game changer from an AP efficiency standpoint. Between the scanning entry feature and ability to give vendors a unique email address for invoice submissions, your data entry time for invoices decreases significantly in a measurable and material way.

Rick R.

G2 Verified, Mid-Market User

Ottimate has decreased our processing time and increased our productivity! Having all of the information in one place, including statements, invoices, images, and account details, has been life-changing for all positions. The amount of work time saved in our stores has created much more opportunity for growth and new tasks

Caroline G.

G2 Verified, Mid-Market User

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