Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Solutions

Unique AP departments. Inconsistent invoice formats. Complex approval and payment processes. Ottimate learns it all and fits into your team — working overtime so you don’t have to.

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Meet Ottimate’s AP Solutions

Ottimate handles every piece of your accounts payable processes, so you can focus on the work that matters.

Invoice Automation

Workaround-Free Approvals

Don’t settle to work any other way but yours. Ottimate instantly routes invoices through a custom approval workflow based on your line-item rules, no matter how complex.

Document Storage

Accounts Payable That Pays You Back

Paying bills won’t grow your bottom line – unless you Ottimate your payments. Boost cash flow with payment discounts, avoid paying unapproved invoices, and earn cashback with vCards.

Deep Learning

End-to-End AI for a 
Better Day-to-Day

Other software digitizes the same painful, manual process. Ottimate is the End-to-End AP automation AI that works with you and for you across the entire invoice-to-payment lifecycle.

Document Integration

Less Expense Tracking for All

Reimagine expense management and reduce everyone’s workload with Ottimate’s AI-powered software that will also increase visibility and control over employee spend.

AP Solution Features for Every AP Need

From invoice and payment automation to advanced approval workflows and seamless integrations, Ottimate is your one-stop shop for end-to-end AP automation with features that include:

Ottimate’s AP Automation Guide

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Smarter AP, Lowers BP for Everyone On Your Team

Ottimate is AP automation AI that provides a smarter way for AP managers, approvers, controllers, and CFOs to work through the entire invoice lifecycle.
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Let Ottimate Get You Home in Time for Dinner

AP Automation that jumps in the deep end and works overtime so AP managers don’t have to.

More on your to-do list than there are hours in the day?

Ottimate is not only the extra hand (or eight) you need help to across the entire AP process – its essentially another mind that continuously learns, adapts, and smartly handles your busy work. 

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An AI-Powered Office That Gets Results

Lead the way as a revenue-generating CFO with Ottimate in the passenger seat.

Gain a new and essential member of any high-performing finance team in Ottimate. Make strategic decisions based on fast, error-free invoice and payment data – and create a new revenue stream for your business via cashback along the way.

With Ottimate you can boost ROI and cut costs across the board. Automate over 90 percent of manual AP processes, cutting costs and empowering you to scale with no additional headcount. 

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Help Approvers Make Smarter Decisions

AP Automation AI, designed with busy approvers in mind.

Experience a smoother workday with automatic approval workflows based on your rules.

Ottimate offers in-app tools to answer all invoice or approval-related questions. Access fast, detailed data that empowers you to make informed decisions. Ottimate makes approving invoices possible with one, or even zero, clicks. 

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Maintain Control With AP Automation That Handles Complexity

Ottimate helps controllers manage their company’s financial reporting, internal controls, and compliance.

Reporting on your company’s financial health is only possible with reliable data, timely payments, and compliance with financial policies.

Ottimate ensures all three. 

AP Solutions by Role

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Just Automate Your AP Solutions. Ottimate them.