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Lazy Bear: How A Michelin-starred Restaurant Maintains Creative Focus With AP Automation

“Our bookkeepers have never physically been to the restaurant for bookkeeping. As a chef/owner, I personally spend no more than 15 minutes a week on bookkeeping. If it weren’t for Ottimate, our team would probably spend 12–15 hours per week.”

David Barzelay
Chef And Owner
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Unleashing Financial Efficiency: How Nivea Hospitality Benefits from AP Automation 

“The thing that we see companies trying to do, they’re trying to make it more difficult than what it actually has to be. It is very simplified. It’s absolutely amazing how simple [accounts payable] is and how difficult people are trying to make it. Because it is accounting, and accounting is supposed to be hard –– but Ottimate is not.” 

Karen Troyer
Executive Director