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Del Frisco Ottimate customer story

How AP Automation Unlocked Real-Time Insights for Del Frisco’s

“Out of the four or five hundred invoices that we process weekly between all our brands, there may be 2 or 3 that need manual intervention. That success rate has really ensured that we have reliability in our data and consistency for our operators.”

Juan Salas
former Del Frisco's CTO
0.5% of invoices
require manual intervention






Microsoft Dynamics


Del Frisco’s Took Manual Work Off Their Plate with Ottimate


Too much on your plate? Discover how Del Frisco’s used Ottimate to improve their entire AP process. Because with Ottimate, you’re not only getting a complete end-to-end AP automation solution you’re reaping the benefits of an AP partner that continuously learns, adapts, and smartly handles your busy work.