Plate IQ

Plate IQ, now Ottimate, began the journey to becoming the best AP automation AI for a wide swath of industries as the #1 Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Tool dedicated to Restaurants & Hospitality.

Dedicated to Solving Restaurant’s Accounts Payable Pain

Plate IQ began its journey in 2014 by solving one of the most complex AP processes in the restaurant space, doing what no other AP automation software could do at the time: capturing important line item details.

With the help of Plate IQ’s AI technology, it made a mark in various sectors of the hospitality industry. This includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, and country clubs.

Ottimate, formerly Plate IQ, is passionate about solving these pain points. Our deep learning capabilities, limitless customization, and tight integrations make Ottimate every finance department’s dream AP hub.

Meet Ottimate:
Plate IQ Rebrands as Leading AP Automation AI

The new Ottimate name positions the company as an intelligent AP solution dedicated to helping companies truly automate their AP process, make more strategic business decisions, and ultimately enable a better day-to-day for the entire team.

Growing Fast, Globally

$3 Billion

(and growing)

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Customers served

Plate IQ Customer Stories

Serving Everyone In The Restaurant and Hospitality Industries

Chefs & Owners

“Plate IQ is so easy to use. The chef snaps a picture with the app and immediately the invoice is in the system — and she doesn’t have to think about it anymore.”


“We used to think we would have to hire a new data entry employee every four or five locations. With Plate IQ, we don’t even need to backfill that first position.”

Third-Party Accountants

“We have seen the time spent on payables drop considerably in the last couple of months. Our time with each client just gets more efficient.”

Fine Dining Groups

“Our bookkeepers have never physically been to the restaurant for bookkeeping. If not for Plate IQ, our team would probably spend 12–15 hours per week on it.”


“We have some invoices that are split between 20 locations. All we do is select the file, choose how to divide it up, and Plate IQ populates all that coding for us.”

National Chains

“Plate IQ got us unified. Instead of my team having to toggle between two different things, they use one platform for all store-level and corporate invoices.”

Hotel AP Staff

“With Ottimate, it’s simple. It’s super easy to pull a report, and I don’t have to change anything in the report. I can just export it into M3. It’s been pretty smooth and everything has been pretty simple.”

Hospitality Managers

“Plate IQ is saving us a lot of time and manpower. I get a lot of good feedback from the managers, that Plate IQ is just amazing, because now they don’t ever have to go to the post office to drop off their bills each week.”

Hotel Groups

“One thing I love about Plate IQ is the turnaround time, from scanning to when it’s available. It’s a lot faster than our old system. The biggest thing I find with Plate IQ is the simplicity of it, the user-friendliness of it.”

Ottimate, Formerly Plate IQ,
AP Automation Features

End-to-end AI for a better day-to-day.

Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

Map invoices to your GL automatically and accurately with industry-leading AI machine learning.

Document Storage

Payment Automation

Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Virtual card and earn cashback without any extra work.

Better AP Day-to-Day

End-to-End AP Automation

Utilize AI that works across the full AP process – from invoice coding, routing, & approval, to payment.

Bookkeeper Partnerships

Spend Management

Gain more visibility and control over the employee expense process with spend management.


Strategic Partners

Bring the best accounts payable experience to your clients by partnering with Ottimate in 3 distinct ways.

Referral Partnerships

PO Matching

Optimize your AP with PO Match for better matching, faster reconciliation, and greater spending control.

Our Story

We launched Ottimate (formerly Plate IQ) to meet the needs of the restaurant industry. Our founders realized restaurants had an invoice problem. The overwhelming number of invoices made it difficult for restaurant operators to pay vendors promptly. Their challenges could range from messy invoices to understaffing to supply shortages.

Over time we realized this problem isn’t unique to restaurants. So many businesses depend on back-office operations that involve bookkeepers typing in invoices and walking stacks of checks to desks for signatures. Vendors waiting for checks to turn up in the mail and matching them to invoices. Controllers reading off and confirming ACH numbers before wiring funds for payment.

At Ottimate, we’re solving those problems. Our help ensures that bookkeepers and accountants maintain up-to-date account payables for their clients. We empower operators to boost their margins with cashback on invoice spend. We help vendors keep track of their invoices and payment status.

With offices in Emeryville, CA, New York City, Bangalore, Miami, and everywhere else, Ottimate is on a mission to make life a little easier for anyone eager to spend less time on AP and more time growing their business.

Team photos

“In a crowded market full of jargon and empty promises, we have one clear statement: Don’t just automate AP. Ottimate it. Our technology goes beyond the status quo and allows teams to fully transform their AP process without cutting corners or making concessions.”

Barrett Boston, CEO of Ottimate

Join the Ottimate Team

Ottimate’s mission is to make life a little easier for anyone eager to spend less time on AP and more time growing their business.

This starts with making life better for our own team. Explore career opportunities with our remote friendly workforce.

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