AP Automation for Hospitals

Providing value-based care is your #1 priority. Let Ottimate’s AP automation AI streamline your invoice and payment processes for you, resulting in better cash flow management, supplier relationships, and ROI.

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AP Automation Software Benefits for Hospitals

Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

Ottimate’s best-in-class AI digitizes and codes invoices automatically, reducing errors and accelerating your AP.

Payment Automation


Never miss another payment. Schedule on-time payments via check, ACH, or vCard with a single click.

Custom Approvals

Custom Approvals

Get rid of approval bottlenecks. Build custom workflows that route invoices and payments to the right approvers every time.

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2 & 3-Way PO Match

No more cross-referencing POs. Ottimate’s 3-way matching automatically links POs and invoices by line item.


Integrated Solution

Consolidate your invoice and payment processes into one easily accessible, centralized environment.

Reseller Partnerships

Seamless Integrations

Easily connect and sync data across all your accounting systems for fast & simple reconciliation.

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Simple Risk Management

Automate your AP to minimize errors and ensure accurate records, helping you avoid risk and noncompliance.

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AI & Machine Learning

Ottimate’s powerful AI accurately captures invoice data in real time and keeps learning with each new entry.

Ottimate Integrates With Your ERP & Accounting Platform

Our system talks to your ERP or accounting system. With advanced API integration functionality, detailed mapping, and source documentation links, you stay up-to-date on everything!

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Accounts Payable Solutions Customized for You

Ottimate’s End-to-End AP Solutions ensure your invoice and payment processes are managed in a single integrated platform, tracking and automating each invoice and payment across multiple hospitals and health systems.

AP Automation for Hospitals: From Invoice to Payment

  • Digitize and streamline accounts payable with the only End-to-End AP tool completely customizable to your organization.
  • Automatically capture the invoice information that’s important to you — from header data to line-item detail — including product names, costs, and quantities.
  • Experience best-in-class AI that understands your AP process, automatically codes invoices, and keeps learning with each new upload.
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End-to-End Invoice Automation

Ottimate automatically tags each line item with the proper routing, helping you review and approve invoices 80% faster. Pay invoices for everything from medical equipment to the coffee for your breakroom.

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AI Payments

Make On-Time Payments From Anywhere, in a Single Platform

  • Set recurring expenses like utility bills and rental fees to auto-pay to avoid late or missed payments.
  • Pay suppliers on their terms, leveraging checks, ACH, and vCards that earn you cash back.
  • Track payment status, approval & audit history, and more for any department or location, in one place.

How West Harbor Healthcare Spends Less Time On Invoices and More on What Matters Most with Ottimate

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“We’re not spending a lot of time on every single invoice, having to code every single line item. Before, I was probably spending 15 to 20 hours a week just trying to get things to work right. And now, I go in every morning or afternoon for about half an hour to 45 minutes. So it’s definitely cut a lot of my time out there!

Onboarding was super smooth…It was a matter of quickly showing me how to set up the users, how to set up the approval rules, and then we were off to the races. It’s just been really easy and simple to use.”

Mary Herrington

Accounting Manager

See how AP Automation for Hospitals can Transform Your Operation

More From Ottimate’s Customers

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Chris F, verified user by G2

Seamless communication between departments, and the AP team!

I love the ability to find any invoice in one location, the ability to be able to do a financial review by account number and department and search those fields within [Ottimate] and have it show me the invoices related to those transactions.

Verified User by G2

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