June 8, 2022

Sage Advice for Hotel Groups: Free Your AP With a Sage Intacct Integration

by Jacob Statler

Are you considering Sage Intacct for your hotel group? 

Congrats — it’s an excellent accounting software for multi-flag companies. You’re ready to bring your hotel group’s operation up-to-date by automating your accounting system!

However, you may still find yourself doing redundant, manual tasks in the name of accounts payable. Tasks that your gut tells you could somehow be automated.

Good instinct. Yes, you can automate those manual tasks, and yes, it’s as easy as integrating an automated AP solution with your existing Sage Intacct accounting software. 

Choose the right software, and the pairing blends as beautifully as champagne and strawberries, or cola and fries.

Ottimate + Sage Intacct—together—give you a seamless AP integration that will catapult your hotel group’s accounting system into true automation. 

We’ll give you an overview of Sage Intacct and how it pairs with Ottimate by covering: 

  • An overview of Sage Intacct for hotel groups
  • What customers like most about Sage Intacct for hotel groups
  • Key features of Sage Intacct for hospitality
  • Ottimate and Sage Intacct integration for hotel groups
  • Tender Greens: A Sage Intacct + Ottimate integration story
  • Experience true automation with your hotel accounting systems

An overview of Sage Intacct for hotel groups

With its flexible chart of accounts, Sage Intacct hospitality accounting management software lets you automate a wide range of operating or ownership structures, including: 

  • franchise operations
  • fractional ownership 
  • global business units 
  • other complex holding structures

Sage Intacct also helps you stay on top of ever-changing revenue recognition requirements to ensure compliance without sacrificing efficiency. Integrating this cloud-based hospitality management system will beef up your financial operations.

With Sage Intacct hospitality software, your staff can enter the system and view information for specific properties and locations, without seeing the financials for other sites and businesses. 

This keeps all staff members in the loop on what they need to know, and keeps a lid on the information they don’t.

What customers like most about Sage Intacct for hotel groups

Sage Intacct  is rated #1 in customer satisfaction  based on over 1400 reviews on the G2 platform. Graphic shows a little blue first-place medal.

Sage Intacct boasts a #1 rating in Customer Satisfaction on G2, based on over 1400 reviews.

Many hotel groups choose Sage Intacct as their accounting system because they can gather a wide range of data, gaining real-time insight into hotel operations. This data helps the financial team spot anomalies, identify patterns, uncover service opportunities, and head off any problems that surface. 

Using Sage Intacct, we can manipulate data by an inordinate number of categories, by hotel, department, floor, room or time period.

Sam Hartley, Finance Director, Dakota Hotels

 Favorite features cited by Sage Intacct customers include: 

  • Cloud-based
  • Easy access in the cloud — helpful search features and an intuitive view
  • Friendly to multi-entity users — automatic due to/from processes
  • Continuous updates and process improvements
  • Sage Intacct listens to user requests and suggestions when making their updates
  • Ability to import  and export data quickly
  • Customization of employee access
  • Automation of processes
  • Ability to attach backup of multiple formats within the software
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Overall ease of use

Many customers reported similar problems being resolved after implementing Sage Intacct. Those solutions included streamlined workflows and processes, increased controls, reduced time spent on manual tasks, and comprehensive automation of their back office.

Key features of Sage Intacct for hospitality 

Are you considering Sage Intacct for your hotel group’s accounting software? This is a forward-thinking move toward streamlining back-office processes and gaining enhanced financial visibility. 

Not to mention Sage Intacct integrates seamlessly with Ottimate. 

We’ll cover the 3 top features of this leading hotel group accounting system. 

1. Automated multi-entity financial management

Push-button consolidations combine and calculate transactions in mere minutes across your entire hospitality business. Multiple entities, stores, regions, properties, and brands are all easily combined, organized, and computed. 

You can boost efficiency and free-up staff by ditching Excel spreadsheets. Instead, automate and streamline financial multi-entity processes like procurement, your month-end close, and intercompany consolidations.

2. Hospitality-specific reporting and dashboards

You can improve cash flow and revenue forecasting with real-time information on cost and performance data. Sage Intacct’s intuitive dashboards and reports give you the insights to make informed high-level management decisions for the overall success of your hotel group’s operation. 

You’ll gain a real-time view into industry metrics and KPIs that directly impact your business, like RevPar, ADR, cost of goods sold, food cost percentage, RevPash, etc.

3. True cloud technology with open API

A true cloud system is built from scratch and designed to function in the cloud for optimum performance. True cloud technology isn’t limited by the number of users or amount of storage. You can identify a true cloud system by 3 characteristics: 

  1. Mobility
  2. Personalization
  3. Integration

Sage Intacct hits all 3 — their software offers scalability and easily integrates with your other tools to enhance holistic automation.  

Track metrics across your organization’s entire business with key data from your property management system, point-of-sale, payroll, and other systems vital to your business.

Ottimate and Sage Intacct integration for hotel groups

Ottimate’s API integration for Sage Intacct keeps all your data updated in real-time, automatically. Seamless integration reclaims valuable staff time, and pads your bottom line while allowing your accounting systems to run like a well-oiled machine. 

Ottimate codes every line item according to your chart of accounts in Sage Intacct and routes invoices to the right approvers. Once approved, each invoice exports instantly into Sage Intacct. 

We call that auto-magic. 

Syncing Sage Intacct and Ottimate

From invoice to bill pay, automate your AP workflow by syncing your Sage Intacct hotel group’s accounting software with Ottimate. Partnering with Ottimate will revolutionize your AP by reducing manual data entry, boosting efficiency, and streamlining your systems. 

Wondering how it works?

Morning shot of a grounds-keeping crew preparing the outdoor pool of a hotel in the mountains.

We’ll walk you through the syncing process.

  1. Upload an invoice into Ottimate (scan, email, or use the Ottimate app).
  2. Ottimate tags each invoice line item to its correct GL code (you map items once, Ottimate learns, and every item thereafter is correctly coded for you).
  3. Ottimate automatically routes invoices to correct approvers, based on your approval rules (these rules are customizable).
  4. Once the invoice is approved, it syncs automatically within Sage Intacct (no manual entry or filling required).
  5. Inside Intacct, you’ll see the data has moved over and has been automatically coded (including a copy of the actual invoice).
  6. Invoices, vendor payments, and corporate card info remain seamlessly (& automatically) connected within Sage Intacct, eliminating redundant tasks.

Tender Greens: A Sage Intacct + Ottimate integration story

Before Ottimate, Tender Greens had 3 full-time employees processing accounts payable. They were wading through mountains of emails with pdf attachments, then manually entering that data into Sage Intacct. 

It was costly, time-consuming, and fraught with human error.

After partnering with Ottimate and integrating it with Sage Intacct, Tender Greens found that processing accounts payable was easier, faster, and more accurate.

Even though Tender Greens grew from 17 to 27 locations, bookkeeping costs decreased by 50%. The number of days required to close the books at the end of the month decreased by 30%, and their error rate decreased by a whopping 95%. 

Even though Tender Greens grew from 17 to 27 locations, bookkeeping costs decreased by 50%. The number of days required to close the books at the end of the month decreased by 30%, and their error rate decreased by a whopping 95%. 

Experience true automation with your hotel group’s accounting systems

No doubt, Sage Intacct will elevate your hotel group’s accounting. However, when you integrate Sage Intacct with Ottimate, your hotel group’s accounting becomes next-level.

True automation frees up precious staff time, prevents burnout, saves buckets of money, increases efficiency, and allows scalability. 

Check out Ottimate today to enhance your AP processes with our top-notch automation solution.      

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