March 26, 2021

Ottimate Is A High Performer For Payments Processing, AP Automation And Invoice Management In G2’s Spring 2021 Report

by Jillian Straw

There is one thing that companies of every type, size, location, user base, you name it, have in common and that’s an outward declaration of putting their customers first and having the best product on the market. At some points it starts to feel like a talk track or that companies are just saying what they think people want to hear. Thankfully technology, and the internet-of-things, has made it so that companies are easily held accountable with online review capture resources.

Here at Ottimate we’re definitely among the companies that value the opinions of our clients- and today we’re happy to see that that has not gone unnoticed. With G2’s Spring 2021 Awards being distributed we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our clients that make our platform the best that it can be!

All of G2 reviews are gathered from verified product users as well as data that is consolidated from online sources and social networks. From there they are able to rank the best softwares nationwide and around the world.

Whether you’re looking for Invoice Management, AP Automation or Payment Processing- the people have spoken and they have chosen Ottimate. We are honored to have received nearly 20 awards over all in our first season being available to review on G2- as well as achieving an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars!

Ottimate is excited to be best-in-class for the following categories:
  1. High Performer, Payment Processing – Overall
  2. Highest User Adoption – Overall
  3. Easiest Admin, AP Automation – Overall
  4. High Performer, Invoice Management – Overall
  5. High Performer, AP Automation – Overall
  6. Easiest Admin, Invoice Management – Overall
  7. Easiest Admin, Invoice Management – Overall
  8. Best Meets Requirement, AP Automation – Overall
  9. Highest User Adoption, AP Automation – Overall
  10. Best Estimated ROI – Mid-Market
  11. Easiest Admin, AP Automation – Mid-Market
  12. Fastest Implementation, AP Automation – Mid-Market
  13. Fastest Implementation, Invoice Management – Mid-Market 
  14. Best Meets Requirement, Ap Automation – Mid-Market
  15. Best Meets Requirement, Invoice Management – Mid-Market
  16. High Performer, Invoice Management – Mid-Market
  17. High Performer, AP Automation – Mid-Market

But remember, don’t just take our word for it. When asked by G2 what people like about our platform here are a few answers:

Line By Line GL reading. The software is nice, user friendly, and does a great job reading electronic invoicing -Joe E, Financial Advisor

It’s a very intuitive invoice routing and approval system and interfaces with many major ERP systems. Ottimate is easy to use and to train clients with and clients always love the increased benefits they receive from this technology -Wayne L, CEO

A great time saving bill pay software with a great team behind it. Ottimate saves a ton of time when processing invoices. The system streamlines the process and they are constantly adding new features that continue to improve this product -Spencer S


Read more reviews from users on our G2 listing– and remember to tap that Request a Demo so you can see first hand what all of the fuss is about!

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