May 9, 2022

Tech Talks: Take a Byte Out of The National Restaurant Show

by Jacob Statler

The National Restaurant Association Show is back in 2022. 

When you think of the show, you may think of hot ingredients, trendy mixology, and how you’ll deliciously be sampling them all. 

And while you are right, the real purpose of The Restaurant Show is to discover the latest trends, products, and solutions to give you an edge over your competition. 

Technology can give you that edge. 

The Restaurant Show lets you dig into cutting-edge technology at exhibitor booths and soak up valuable info at educational tech talks. 

Let’s cover all things tech at the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show: 

  • The National Restaurant Show serves up innovative technology
  • The Tech Pavilion at The Restaurant Show
  • The Restaurant Show Tech Talks
  • Prioritize your back-office technology
  • The Restaurant Show brings the tech goods

The National Restaurant Show serves up innovative technology

It’s no secret that efficiency is today’s key to success in the restaurant industry. Streamlining your inventory, food costs, workforce, and ordering processes are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Most of these streamlined processes rely heavily on cutting-edge technology. 

Graphic of building, text that states "As of November 2021, 1 million of the 4.5 million Americans who quit their jobs were restaurant and hotel employees." Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

As of November 2021, 1 million of the 4.5 million Americans who quit their jobs were restaurant and hotel employees. That staggering number translates to a massive staff shortage in the restaurant industry and requires immediate technology implementation to bridge the gap.

The National Restaurant Association Show allows you to learn how the right innovative technology solutions can help your restaurant business not only survive but thrive. 

Technology is a vital element of any successful restaurant in today’s economy. 

95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency. 

The Tech Pavilion at The Restaurant Show

Tech in the restaurant industry is so important that it now has its own pavilion at the show. This year’s tech pavilion is located at North Hall — make your way to the north end of aisles 5500-7100 to check out the 112 tech exhibitors.  

In the Tech Pavilion, you can see top-notch products, tools, and processes that can update your business and boost efficiency and profitability. 

Check out the latest tech products & solutions for foodservice, hospitality, and back-office streamlining — including software, services, equipment such as kiosks, touch screens and printers, computer/internet services, and app companies.

The exhibitor booths allow you to chat with company reps, ask questions, and try out product demos for yourself. 

The Restaurant Show Tech Talks

The Tech Talks cover all things tech-related. There are four categories:

  1. Operations solutions — Find tech tools and solutions to boost operational efficiencies, maximize ROI and navigate today’s new business realities.
  2. The New Consumer — Discover the latest insights and top engagement tech tools to successfully market your brand and connect with today’s evolving consumer.
  3. Technology strategies — Learn how the power of technology can improve your business. Plus, find out how to prioritize technology.
  4. Culinary Insights — Discover how to conquer skyrocketing food costs with automation.

The National Restaurant Association Show tech talks deliver valuable info on the latest trends and tools in the restaurant industry. Hear from leading experts on what technology you should focus on, how to implement it, and why you should do it N.O.W.

Banner sharing the time and location of Ottimate's Tech Talk at the 2022 Restaurant Show. "Letting Technology Work For You" will take place on May 22, 2022, at 11:30am in North Hall's Innovation Theater 5572.

Don’t miss Ottimate’s tech talk on “Letting Technology Work For You” Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 11:30 am in the Innovation Theater — North Hall — 5572. The primary learning objectives of this tech talk are: 

  • Understanding how to tailor your technology to meet your business size and objectives and allow room for growth.
  • Technology best practices for back-office and payment systems, and how to build better vendor relationships through tech.
  • Exploring how OCR and Machine Learning can help streamline workflows and benefit your bottom line. 

The key to nabbing the biggest return on your time and money investment is to prioritize what tech solutions you need to learn more about and plan your time accordingly.

Use The Show To Go to add “Can’t-Miss” tech exhibitors and educational sessions, then build the rest of your schedule around those. 

Prioritize your back-office technology

While The Restaurant Show is chock full of tasty food and trendy cocktails to entice you and your customers, technology is what runs your restaurant operation smoothly. 

Investing in updating and streamlining your back-office is a forward-thinking action and a leader move. 

According to Toast’s Restaurant Success Report, after POS technology and payment processing, the most popular back-office technologies were accounting software (52%) and payroll software (50%). 

According to Toast’s Restaurant Success Report, after POS technology and payment processing, the most popular back-office technologies were accounting software (52%) and payroll software (50%). 

Ottimate understands the uniqueness of the restaurant industry and offers cutting-edge technology tailored for your restaurant business. We’ve already helped 30,000 restaurants streamline their AP through automation.

We’re excited to share how you can utilize technology to boost your business in our educational sesh at the show. 

Be prepared to soak up insider insight—our panelists include four luminaries from the restaurant industry. Take great notes!

Then, come by Ottimate’s booth #6457 for a coffee or cocktail. All of the panelists will be at the booth to answer questions and continue the conversation about how automation can revolutionize your back-office operations.

Our National Restaurant Association Show booth in 2019. So many good times!

The NRA show brings the tech goods

Simply showing up at The National Restaurant Show puts you ahead of the game. However, planning and prioritizing your time at the show can make you a thought leader and an innovative restaurateur. 

Today’s restaurant business requires high-level efficiency, profitability, and customer service. Technology tools make this possible. 

The Restaurant Show brings all the tech goods you need to make your restaurant successful now and in the future. 

We look forward to seeing you at our booth # 6457 and in our tech talk. Come learn more about how we can help revolutionize your accounts payable, freeing you up to focus on exciting culinary creation and exceptional customer service.

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