Food Service Technology Conference, FSTEC | 2024

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Meet our AP Automation experts at FSTEC 2024

Join us at FSTEC 2024! Technology plays a vital role in today’s restaurant landscape. Therefore, it is crucial that your business invest in the necessary tools and expertise for success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed about the latest innovations and network with colleagues at the premier food service technology conference.


Mark your calendar for the show happening between September 16th and 18th. Our team is eagerly anticipating attending!


AI-Powered AP Automation for a Better Day-to-Day

Otti introduces a smarter solution for finance professionals to navigate the entire invoice lifecycle. It is a reliable companion that supports you throughout the AP process, constantly learning and adapting to manage your workload effortlessly. Book a demo to experience AP automation personalized for you.

Don’t just automate AP. Ottimate it with technology that:

  • Automates invoice management for multiple jobs, from intake to approval.
  • Utilizes AP Automation AI to streamline your accounts payable process with features like instant capture and 2 and 3-way PO matching.
  • Guarantees accuracy in approvals by setting up automated approval policies on all invoices and payments to ensure accuracy and confirm funds.