AP Automation for Country Clubs

Process, approve, pay, and communicate from anywhere with the #1 AP automation solution for country clubs.

  • Earn Cash Back on Your Spend
  • AI Learns Your AP Process & Automatically Codes to Your GL
  • Works Seamlessly With Your Accounting Platform of Choice
  • Route Every Invoice to the Right Approvers & Assign for Payment
  • Capture Everything Down to the Line Item

Our single, integrated platform is powered by best-in-class AI so you can spend less time on AP and more time focusing on your club.

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Hole-In-One AP Automation

Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

Digitize invoices automatically with industry-leading AI machine learning.

Payment Automation


Schedule payments via check, ACH, or Ottimate vCard and earn cash back.


The Ottimate Card

Replace paper checks with virtual cards for faster, safer payments.

Document Storage

Every invoice is searchable and secure in your new digital filing cabinet.

How Does Ottimate Work?

Make Your Club’s AP Process 80% Faster

Upload paper and electronic invoices in bulk, no manual input required. Or use Vendor Connections, a Ottimate feature that obtains digital invoices directly from your vendors.

Otti with golf club

Give your managers their time back

What if your managers received invoices already coded down to the line item?

Ottimate tags each invoice with its department codes upon upload, and even maps each line item to your GL, so that your managers don’t have to.

Manage All Your Approvals In One Cloud-Based System

Ottimate enables property-wide invoice approvals in an efficient, centralized AP workflow.

Approve interface

Gain a digital source of truth

Ottimate stores a digital copy of each invoice alongside a full audit trail of approvals, exports, and payments in one centralized and searchable system.

Invoice entry


Process And Pay Invoices In One Seamless Workflow

Schedule and approve payments right in your AP platform with Ottimate Bill Pay.

  • Schedule invoice payments using checks, ACH, or virtual cards
  • Approvers can sign off on payments remotely
  • No more mailing checks or late payments
  • Auto-Pay recurring expenses like utilities and rental fees
  • Earn competitive cash back on vendor payments

Invoice Processing That’s Board-Approved

Ottimate’s automation and reporting tools keep your executive team in the loop on everything from payment approvals to in-depth financial reporting.

Hear from The Club At Ravenna

We’re not in the same space as the other managers, so I used to have to cater to different schedules to get invoice approvals. Now it’s the same process for everyone: they have to go onto Ottimate and approve it in order for it to be paid. It’s streamlined how everyone looks at invoices.

Bill payment was very manual before. Now we send everything through Ottimate. I just set up payments every week and it’s seamless. For our CFO, who isn’t in the office every day, it’s great that she’s able to approve those payments from anywhere. I just feel like it’s more efficient for everyone.

Stephanie Liby

Accounting Manager

Expense Management

Expense Management

Issue and control your own expense cards

The Ottimate Card lets you issue virtual and physical debit cards to employees, departments, and properties in a single click. No credit approval or underwriting necessary.

Replace reimbursements and corporate cards with pre-approved expense cards you can use for:

  • Recurring and one-off business expenses
  • Property maintenance costs
  • Subscriptions, licenses, and utilities
  • Corporate and department-level expenses
  • Marketing expenses
Virtual card

An AP Caddy For Everyone At The Club


  • Speed up your invoice & bill pay workflow by 80%
  • Schedule bill payments right from your invoice platform
  • Keep tabs on all your records with a secure digital filing cabinet

Department Heads

  • Code fewer invoice line items with automated GL coding
  • Review and approve invoices on mobile anywhere
  • Only review invoices tagged to your department

Board Approvers

  • Sign off on payments securely online
  • View the full approval trail, notation, and documentation for payments
  • Tag other people within the approval flow with any questions


  • Centralize AP documents, processes and approvals in one workflow
  • Help accounting staff process invoices efficiently
  • Report spending to stakeholders on a granular level

GM and Superintendent

  • Split invoices between departments with a click
  • Manage invoices, payments, and approvals virtually and securely
  • Route every invoice to the right sequence of approvers

Board Members

  • View granular reporting that pinpoints sources of changing spend
  • Implement an invoice processing flow that automates real-time cost control
  • Organize all your P&Ls while maintaining a centralized, holistic view of AP

Designed To Work With Your Club’s Tech Stack

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Ottimate Integrates With Your Accounting Platform

Seamlessly connect your AP data with the technology you’re already using.

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