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June 23, 2023

Ottimate Announces Expansion into Accounting & Bookkeeping Industries

by The Ottimate Editorial Team

Ottimate, renowned in hospitality for its industry-leading AP automation solution, has announced a dedicated expansion in the accounting & bookkeeping markets.

Ottimate (formerly Plate IQ), the leading AP automation AI, has announced a dedicated expansion effort in the accounting and bookkeeping markets. This marks the second of many growth initiatives that will see Ottimate launch its revolutionary AI and machine-learning AP Automation tools in a number of new industries throughout the year.

Ottimate will leverage its current substantial accounting and bookkeeping footprint, which includes strong strategic partnerships with Flores Financial, FIXE Accounting, FMS Solutions, RDMS Group, Cerboni Services, and more, to be the continued leader of innovative AP solutions with accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide.

(Ottimate) is already the leading provider of AP automation solutions to accounting services, and we are excited to build new relationships and continue growing and supporting this space for years to come.

Barrett Boston, CEO of Ottimate

“Our partnership with (Ottimate) is one that brings great value to our firm and to our clients. We strategically selected (Ottimate) as our platform of choice to enhance our accounting services because we believed in the product and team behind it. The use of (Ottimate) and our ability to integrate it seamlessly within our operations has enabled our company to add tremendous value and insights for our customers. We are able to reduce manual work by over 50%, and in turn, pivot our team’s efforts into projects that increase the bottom line and align with our clients’ growth and goals.” – Justin Cessna, Director of Business Development at Flores Financial.

“At FIXE, we’re all about leveraging technology while taking manual bookkeeping off of our clients’ plates so they can get back to doing what they love. (Ottimate) has been an integral part of that process for years.” – Ryan Handel, Co-founder at FIXE Accounting.

“(Ottimate) has been a valuable partner in our firm’s growth. The accuracy and speed of the software allows my AP team to be more efficient and work seamlessly within our overall tech stack. Our clients are equally aided by the great reporting and access to information – this is the best AP Processing software for restaurants and accounting firms.” – Tom Rutledge, Managing Partner at RDMS Group.

“Cerboni chose (Ottimate) for AP automation because it’s such an amazing tool. It’s efficient, saves us time, and simplifies our entire AP process. It integrates and syncs the information to our accounting software seamlessly, ultimately eliminating our team from having to perform manual data entry for all invoices.” – Lo Dao, Client Relations & Marketing Director at Cerboni Services.

With a platform designed to streamline and scale AP teams, Ottimate’s solution supports line-item invoice digitization and automatic GL-coding, robust routing and workflow automation, scheduling and managing vendor payments of any type, and a detailed audit and approval log throughout the process. Ottimate’s latest Instant Capture technology, set to launch later this year, allows end users to digitize invoices instantly, empowering accounting and bookkeeping firms to scale operations and manage all clients from a single platform.

“We’re honored to have partnered with clients like Flores Financial, FIXE Accounting, RDMS Group, Cerboni Services, and more, as well as industry leaders like FMS Solutions to build an innovative and tailored service for the accounting and bookkeeping market. (Ottimate) is already the leading provider of AP automation solutions to accounting services, and we are excited to build new relationships and continue growing and supporting this space for years to come.” – Barrett Boston, CEO of Ottimate.

To learn more about Ottimate’s powerful AP automation solution for the accounting and bookkeeping markets, or to see any of these tools in action, please visit

About Ottimate (Formerly Plate IQ) 

Ottimate is AP automation AI that provides a more innovative way for AP managers, approvers, controllers, and CFOs to work through the entire invoice lifecycle. With mature deep learning capabilities powered by AI, Ottimate learns your business and AP process down to the line item, supporting a custom approval and payment workflow. Ottimate eliminates over 90% of the manual accounting process and provides insights into invoices and spending, helping finance professionals uncover opportunities for growth. This means more strategic business decisions for CFOs and a better day-to-day for the entire team. Don’t just automate AP. Ottimate it. To learn more, visit

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