Ottimate and GoDaddy Social Media teamed up to offer insights on how accounts payable automation helps with building the customer experience.
Ottimate and GoDaddy Social Media teamed up to offer insights on how accounts payable automation helps with building the customer experience.
September 15, 2020

5 Ways to Enhance Your ROI | Ottimate + GoDaddy Social Media

by The Ottimate Editorial Team

Ottimate and GoDaddy Social Media have teamed up to offer insights you wouldn’t necessarily expect from our two companies. How does accounts payable (AP) automation even vaguely correspond with building a customer experience? Not an altogether obvious correlation, right? Well, in the restaurant industry you have to think creatively, and in this webinar, “5 Ways to Enhance Your ROI With Social Media and Technology”, we get right down to it.

Geoffrey Brown, a Local Outreach Representative with GoDaddy Social, joined Ottimate’s former Product Manager, Joshua Sabol, in an interesting and fresh take on the different ways to use popular technology to increase your brand awareness and spend less time in the office.

We all know about social media- it’s literally everywhere in our day to day lives. But, do we all really understand the best practices involved in engaging with customers to give them the best experiences possible? There are so many small details that make big differences.

Picture of a woman at a restaurant getting her picture taken by a friend to upload on social media.

The big names in social media — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — allow your voice to be heard. When used properly your restaurant becomes more than just a place to eat. You create a brand identity that leaves your customers not only wanting more but feeling like they are part of the team and not just a dollar sign.

So how does back of house automation play a role in this? Well, you opened a restaurant to feed your spirit and community- not to sit in your office handling endless piles of paperwork and cost comparisons. With AP solutions put into place you no longer need to spend hours upon hours separate from your actual customer interactions. Processes that used to take literally weeks to accomplish start-to-finish can now take moments.

With social media a lot of the biggest hassles are having the time to dedicate to keeping up with every post, comment, review or (hopefully nonexistent) complaint. After you scan your invoices into Ottimate, you can then use the hours you were previously coding line items into your General Ledger to maintain your social media presence. Not to mention the insights given to you by having all of your invoices, and thus food costs, at the tip of your fingers. In such a tight margin industry automation gives you the ability to be competitive with your pricing in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Sit back and listen to the experts from Ottimate and GoDaddy Social Media discuss the finer points of social media, time management, technology, and most importantly, increasing your customer retention and ROI. You can also book a demo with Ottimate for all your AP automation needs!

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